Hurt in a Motorcycle Accident?

A San Diego Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Can Help

Motorcycle accident lawyer for accident injuriesNot unlike cyclists, motorcycle riders also face an increased risk of harm when involved in accidents. Without the protection provided to occupants of cars and trucks, these vulnerable road users often suffer severe and life threatening injuries like brain injuries and spinal injuries, especially when traveling at high speeds. Our firm commits to providing exceptional legal representation to riders, their families and others who sustain injuries through no fault of their own. We regularly work with experts who can reconstruct accident scenes to help strengthen injury claims, medical specialists who can verify the extent of injuries as well as financial professionals who can help determine past and future financial losses.

Our San Diego personal injury attorney Bonnici Law Group has many years of experience dealing with insurance companies and helping his clients seek the fairest compensation amounts possible for their injuries. He is highly skilled at negotiating settlements and litigating cases in court, having appeared in courts throughout the nation, internationally and the United States Court of Appeals. If you suffered an injury in a motorcycle wreck as the result of a negligent motorist, you will more than likely benefit from gaining legal assistance.

An attorney can provide knowledgeable guidance when dealing with insurance adjusters, or if taking your claim to court is needed to ensure you receive justice, an attorney with motorcycle accident injury experience can tell your story to a jury so they will truly understand the serious nature of your accident and your injuries.

Motorcycle Accidents Where the Driver May be at Fault

“He was helpful throughout the entire case, and even successfully predicted the outcome to the dollar amount. Throughout the entire process Mr. Bonnici always exemplified professionalism, honesty, and intelligence.”

One of the main factors that contributes to accidents involving motorcycles is the inattentiveness of other drivers on the road. Our firm commonly sees crashes involving bikers caused by the following:

  • Drivers cutting off the motorcyclist by making a sharp turn
  • Drivers failing to yield to a motorcyclist’s right of way
  • A driver fails to see a motorcycle, causing the motorcycle to drive off the road or into oncoming traffic
  • Drivers who tailgate and strike motorcyclists during sudden stops

Other issues we may investigate for liability claims in an accident include:

  • Defects in the motorcycle or tires
  • Loose gravel or other inferior road conditions
  • Poorly engineered roads that do not allow motorcycles to corner properly
  • Lack of guardrails or poor lighting on dangerous corners or sections of road

What Steps Do I Need to Take Following a Crash on a Bike?

If you are in a motorcycle accident, the first thing to do is seek necessary medical attention. Your health is always the number one priority. Here are some things you can do to preserve your rights:

  • Do not leave the accident. Stay at the scene and exchange personal information with everyone involved. Wait for the police to arrive. Remember that liability has not been determined yet. Consequently, leaving the scene of the accident may negatively affect your rights and could result in criminal charges.
  • Minimize comments. Save comments about fault, your health and other details of the accident until you speak to an attorney. Comments made on the scene can increase liability or limit the amount of damages available to you later on.
  • Maintain records. Keep records of all expenses caused by the accident. This includes medical costs, repairs to your motorcycle and rental charges for other vehicles you had to use. This also includes any time missed from work.
  • Contact an attorney. The success of your claim may depend on getting the right legal advice. Josh offers free consultations so you can discuss with an attorney your ability to recover damages from the person at fault and the insurance companies involved. You are entitled to compensation to help you pay for bills that resulted from the accident. However, actually receiving a fair recovery amount is what an attorney can help you achieve.

I Need Help for a Motorcycle Crash in San Diego

Josh has successfully represented many victims of motorcycle wrecks, and even developed a brochure titled “What to Do in Case of an Accident.” This brochure, which can easily fit in a car’s glove box or a motorcycle’s saddlebag or storage compartment, explains the five key steps to take within the first 10 days of an accident. It outlines the specific information you should (and should not) exchange with the other driver. It also has a pocket to hold the DMV and insurance forms you must keep with you to show officers if asked. This information is free when you request your copy by reaching out to our firm.

Get Free Advice from a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer After a Wreck

Our firm has a unique understanding of the nature of motorcycle and bicycle accidents. As an avid cyclist himself, Josh Bonnici knows firsthand just how dangerous, and sometimes fatal, the roadways can be for those who prefer to travel using non-traditional vehicles. He has witnessed just how one careless move on someone else’s part can spell disaster for motorcyclists, bike riders and pedestrians, making him even more passionate about using his knowledge to hold the negligent parties responsible for causing these preventable accidents.

If you are suffering because of injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident that was another motorist’s fault, or if a family member has passed in a fatal motorcycle accident, speak with us today to learn how our firm can provide the personal support and legal assistance needed to fight for you and your family.