The Value of An Attorney Who Knows Cycling

By Dudek Law Firm

San Diego Bicycle Accident Attorney on the Value of an Attorney Who Knows Cycling

In the video below, San Diego personal injury lawyer Frederick M. Dudek explains why anyone involved in a bicycle accident would benefit from retaining an bicycle accident attorney who is also a cyclist and understands the value of high-end bicycles. If you have been injured in a bicycle accident, contact the Dudek Law firm for a free consultation.

Video Transcription

My name is Fred Dudek, principal of the Dudek Law Firm. A bicycle can range from under a $100.00 dollars to over $10,000.00. Many of my clients have very expensive bicycles. I understand the different types of materials and the different types of bicycles there are. There was one interesting case, for example, where the adjuster was trying to value a property damage and she said, “Well you could buy a new Easton something for under a $1,000.00.” I was able to point out to the adjustor that that’s not a bicycle that’s a wheel set. That wheel set is $1,000.00 and I encouraged her to talk to somebody else at the insurance company who really understands cycling.

It also helps when the attorney understands the type of equipment and the type of bicycles that are available. So, for example, on a carbon fiber bike, any kind of small nick or anything that weakens the frame could be a very serious damage to that bicycle and might need to be replaced, as opposed to, let’s say, a titanium bike, where a nick in the frame doesn’t mean that you’re going to have to replace the entire bike.

So, by retaining an attorney who understands that, who could really fight for you to replace a $5,000.00 carbon bike, even though to the eye it doesn’t look like it’s damaged that much, someone like me would know that for a carbon fiber bike the entire bike really does need to be replaced because of the material that the frame is made from.