Injured in a San Diego Semi Truck Accident?

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San Diego truck accident attorney Bonnici Law Group uses his decades of legal experience to help clients every day. He is passionate about combining the wealth of knowledge and nationwide network of medical experts, investigators and accident reconstructionists found in large law firms with the ability of a small firm to learn your story and fight for your rights himself.

This is extremely useful when handling truck accident lawsuits, which are often complex and may involve multiple parties trying to blame each other for your injury or your loved one’s death. The trucker could claim that his employer put him on an impossible schedule, the company might blame a part manufacturer for installing a defective component or the manufacturer might claim that the company did not properly maintain the truck. Our firm can cut through this blame game to find out who is truly responsible and hold them accountable for their errors.

California Commercial Trucking Accident Statistics

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Trucking accidents cause fatalities every year. While data around these accidents change from year to year, the devastating consequences remain the same.

Most of the time, people in passenger vehicles sustain the worst injuries due to the immense size and weight of semi-trucks. It is common for truck accidents to be fatal for passenger vehicle drivers.

A small, but significant percentage of those hurt or killed are vulnerable users, or bicyclists, pedestrians and others not afforded the standard safety protections commonly found inside vehicles. With a commitment to assisting injury victims and firsthand cycling experience Josh brings, he is qualified to help those injured while driving, walking or biking who become involved in collisions with commercial trucks through no fault of their own.

Who is Responsible for San Diego Truck Accidents?

Our firm understands how road conditions, violations of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety regulations, traffic, driver behavior and mechanical malfunctions can all be factors in serious accidents, sometimes working in connection with one another. Depending on the circumstances surrounding the truck crash, several parties could be at fault for your truck accident, including:

  • The truck driver who made negligent decisions while driving, possibly while under the influence. If a truck driver responds improperly to a traffic situation or swerves into a lane occupied by a vehicle, he or she could be held responsible for jackknife, wide turn or rollover accidents.
  • The driver’s employer may have provided poor driver training or set impossible deadlines for drivers, which caused them to work with little sleep. This could lead to fatigued driving or driving under the influence of drugs to keep the driver awake. If the company sets unrealistic deadlines, fails to meet required regulations or to train its drivers properly, the employer could be responsible.
  • The leasing company that owns the trucks could be liable if it chooses to cut corners on maintenance. Trucking companies that operate the business and employ the truck drivers often purchase or lease trucks from another party. In some cases, the company that leases the trucks might hold responsibility for trucks breaking down or for any equipment failures that cause accidents.
  • Manufacturers that built malfunctioning equipment may be at fault because of a defective component. Bad braking components or steering wheel malfunctions may lead to deadly and catastrophic accidents, in which case the equipment manufacturer could face responsibility. However, many times the manufacturer will blame the trucking company for failing to maintain the vehicle, while the trucking company will attempt to place the blame on the manufacturer for making the faulty product. In product liability cases like these, you need an attorney with experience investigating and determining where exactly the responsibility lies.
  • Shipping or loading agents who loaded the truck improperly could have played a part in the accident. If someone loads a truck improperly, it may create an imbalance of weight in the cargo. If someone loads the truck incorrectly or fails to secure the weight, it can create a dangerous traffic situation. A semi truck with a full load can weigh up to 80,000 pounds, and it can take up to 350 feet to come to a complete stop at 55mph. Trucks that exceed the weight limit can damage roads and contribute to accidents.
  • Municipal organizations that fail to fix bad road conditions, improperly marked roads or poorly designed highways may be responsible for truck accidents. City and state agencies might have to answer for accidents that result from government oversight.

I Need Legal Help After a Trucking Accident

Our firm is committed to offering the most personalized attention of a small firm and the best resources of a large firm. Truck accident attorney Josh Bonnici has the resources to investigate accidents with trucks and can seek compensation from all the negligent parties. This ensures that injury victims and their families get what they need to begin recovering.

If you sustained serious injuries or if a loved one has passed due to injuries in a truck accident, reach out to our law office now by calling (619) 853-5101 or by filling out a contact form. There is no charge to discuss your potential case with an attorney. We also offer contingency fees that do not require any upfront legal costs, because Josh and the staff at The Bonnici Law Group believe everyone should have access to a qualified attorney after a truck accident in or around San Diego.