The Importance of Good Research for Injury Claims

By bonnicilawgroup

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In the following video, personal injury attorney Bonnici Law Group talks about the extensive legal research he performs on behalf of each of clients affected by serious personal injuries. This includes uncovering the recovery amounts for injury cases resembling his clients’ filed in similar jurisdictions to ensure that his clients receive the compensation they deserve.

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Video Transcription

One of the things that we do in our office for injuries is to do research, fairly sophisticated research, on similar type of injuries in a similar jurisdiction. For example, for head injuries, what we’ll do is to get a hundred different verdicts and settlements that show the age of the client, the type of injuries, the type of doctors that were involved and what either a jury returned a verdict for, or what the case settled for, or sometimes what the parties agreed to during mediation.

So, when we’re trying to help you with your case, we go in armed with a hundred or so verdicts for similar injuries. That is very persuasive sometimes for the defense attorney or for the insurance company to see, first of all, what other juries have done and also, for them to know that your lawyer understands what the value of these cases are.