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If You Can’t Even Text and Walk, Why Are You Trying to Text and Drive?

Have you ever run into something/someone because you were distracted by a smartphone?        

Surprise! California Drivers More Courteous Than Most

No one likes traffic, and that goes double for cyclists. Cyclists face increased risk of injury on the road, and it can be easy to be suspicious of drivers due to this danger. Reckless drivers, even if they don’t actually hit a cyclist, can lead to serious injuries for cyclists due to their erratic behavior. But actually, drivers in California are more courteous than most. A survey by Kars4Kids found that California was the 17th most polite state on the road, with an overall grade of B. Among California cities, San Francisco ranked fourth most courteous, while San Diego ranked 10th and Los Angeles ranked 15th. California would have been graded higher, but we do have some of our own less-than-courteous behaviors that we’re not great at. For example, we were the 10th worst state when it comes to stealing people’s parking spaces. How to Deal with Aggressive Drivers While…
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Are E-Bikes More Dangerous than Normal Bikes?

A 24-year-old electric bicycle rider was injured recently in San Diego when he was struck by a vehicle. He pulled into the path of a car after failing to yield but fortunately is expected to be okay. This incident begs the question: are the advantages of E-bikes, namely their ability to zip along at higher-than-average speeds with little input from the rider, actually a danger to the riders? Analyzing the Safety of E-Bikes Because E-bikes fall in the middle ground between pedal bicycles and motorcycles, there are some unique dangers to them. Here is a short list: Applying too much throttle from a dead stop, a major cause of E-bike accidents, can easily send a rider to the ground. Fortunately, because these accidents by nature occur at stops or very low speed, injuries tend to be minor. E-bikes are very quiet, so a rider may activate the throttle without knowing…
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