Meet San Diego Injury Attorney Frederick M. Dudek

By Dudek Law Firm

A Bicycle Lawyer in SoCal Who Shares Your Passion for Cycling

Watch this video to meet San Diego bicycle lawyer Frederick M. Dudek. Fred is a dedicated cycling advocate throughout the community, participating in the Blind Stokers Club and the annual MS Society “Bay to Bay” Tour in southern California. Contact our personal injury law firm for a free consultation if you have been involved in a bike accident.

Video Transcription

Hi, my name is Fred Dudek, principle of the Dudek Law Firm. I started my own law firm about 10 years ago after being both an associate and a partner at a downtown law firm in San Diego.

When I was a partner at the downtown law firm, I would have 80 clients at a time. Now that I have my own firm, I accept less than 10 clients at a time, and if you retain me, I read every letter, I do every piece of discovery, I’m there for every deposition, and I perform all the legal work for you.

I’m a very avid cyclist; I’ve been cycling for over 30 years. In the past several years, I’ve cycled over 5,000 miles. I’ve done bicycle trips in many different states; in Maryland, Massachusetts, many trips in California, and I often cycle to the office. In fact, I designed my office that has a bicycle parking space right inside my office. I think cyclists like having an attorney who understands their passion. For a cyclist, for example, to not cycle for a month or so, that would be a very difficult thing for us when we’re used to cycling many times a week.