How Does Our Personal Injury Law Firm Give Back?

By Dudek Law Firm

San Diego Bicycle Accident Attorney for Cyclists

In this video, San Diego bicycle accident attorney Frederick M. Dudek discusses how he shares his passion for cycling in various community and charitable activities. If you have been injured in a bicycle accident, you need a lawyer who understands cycling, injuries cyclists commonly sustain and the value of high-end gear. Contact our personal injury law firm to schedule a no charge, no obligation consultation.

Video Transcription

Because of my interest in cycling, I’m involved in many different organizations. For example, there is a statewide group, the California Bicycle Coalition. I’m also involved in the county group, the San Diego County Bicycle Coalition. In addition to that, I’ve been a member of the Blind Stokers Club for over three and a half years, and the concept of the club is it pairs a sighted captain with a blind or visually impaired stoker. The word stoker comes from the meaning of power. In the old days where someone would throw coal into a locomotive, for example, to make the trains run.

The Blind Stokers Club has a sighted captain, a blind stoker on the back and a tandem bicycle. Occasionally people will say, well, gosh, how do you do that? How do you ride with a blind person? We’re riding on the same bike, and I became very good friends with my cycling partner, John. We’ve cycled thousands of miles together and we ride together as a club about once a month. My partner and I ride together about once a week.

Then once a year we have the large fundraiser where we also contribute money to the San Diego Center for the Blind and that is a 200-mile ride over a three-day period.

You can find out more information about all of these things by going to my website,, and from there there’s a section on cycling and you can just click to the areas that you’re interested in, such as tips for commuting, tips for different seasons, and also what you’re supposed to do if you’re going to be cycling at night. All of that information is on