Common Injuries in Cycling Accidents

By bonnicilawgroup

Bike Injury Lawyer in San Diego Discusses Crash Prevention and Safe Biking Tips

In this video, bike injury lawyer Bonnici Law Group offers safety tips based on his experience as an injury lawyer and cycling enthusiast. If you are a cyclist hurt in a bicycle accident, you need a lawyer who understands the law, the nature of bicycle injuries and shares a passion for cycling. Contact our San Diego bike accident law office for a free initial consultation.

Video Transcription

Two of the most common types of injuries that I see for cyclists involve the hips and also the clavicle. So, for many cyclists who are not trained about how to fall during an injury, their first reaction might be as they’re going down to put their hands out.  Frequently that results in a fractured collarbone, a fractured clavicle, which is an extremely painful injury; however, there’s very little medically that you can do.

A cyclist or anyone who has a fracture clavicle may have medical bills that are very small, but the pain that they go through could last for months, and in the case of a cyclist, may keep you off the bike for a while.

Another common injury is injuries to the hips, and one of the evasive maneuvers that cyclists are trained to do is something called a quick right turn. It’s extremely hard to do and one of the common things that happen is that the cyclist, in executing this maneuver, will go down, let’s say on the right side and fracture their hip, so that’s one of the most common injuries. That injury will also keep a cyclist off a bike for quite a while.

Another common injury for cyclists are head injuries. Now certainly everyone should wear a helmet, and most experienced cyclists do. The helmet may prevent a fatal injury, but may cause what we refer to as traumatic brain injuries. There are many different tests that can help determine that, and I have the experience to know which types of doctors can perform these tests to see if there is a traumatic brain injury, which may manifest itself much, much later after the accident.

I think it helps to have someone who understands the nature of those injuries and is looking beyond just the cost of the medical care.