Lawyer Testimonials from Our Satisfied Clients

“I highly recommend Dudek Law Firm to anyone. Mr. Fred Dudek and his staff are very thorough, competent, and show a genuine interest in what they do. Mr. Dudek and his staff helped me when I was in my late teens involved in a motor vehicle accident and then I solicited his help recently again, over a decade later. I chose him again because I had such a wonderful experience in working with him and his staff and how they handled everything on my behalf as well as with the other parties involved.

He and his staff are pleasant, easy to work with, and have excellent communication skills. He is also very knowledgeable and works hard to get the very best and appropriate outcome for all of his clients. He and his staff make it a point to ensure expectations of the client and law firm are clear and well expressed right from the beginning to prevent any misunderstandings. I really could not have gotten through this horrible time without their help. I was less stressed knowing he and his firm were taking care of the legal matters at hand and they kept me well informed every step of the way. We worked together to help make the best and appropriate decisions regarding my case. It was and is a real pleasure to work with Dudek Law Firm!!!”

“It has been a pleasure working with you. We would never have achieved the success you accomplished without you. Our load was truly lightened when we engaged your services.”

“I really want to thank you for taking a personal interest in my daughter! I know I made the right choice hiring your law firm to represent her. I know you put in a large quantity of time that you never billed for.

There was not much good that came out of the drunk that hit my daughter, but you were such a huge relief with taking all the late night phone calls from me with the endless questions and coordinating all of her legal matters with her special needs lawyer and her bankruptcy attorney. I have never had a fondness for lawyers until now! You are without a question a lawyer who really cares about his clients.

Thank you very much for all you have for my daughter!”

Comments from an injured woman:

“I had such a positive experience working with Mr. Dudek. He genuinely cared about my case, and made things as easy as possible for me. I was in college throughout the duration of my case, and he made sure to work around my class, midterms, and final schedules. I was always given the amount of information I needed. At times when I was less busy I asked for more frequent updates on the case, and during times when I was busy he made sure to just inform me on the important information and left out details that I was not concerned about. This made working with Mr. Dudek extremely easy and stress free. He was helpful throughout the entire case, and even successfully predicted the outcome to the dollar amount. Throughout the entire process Mr. Dudek always exemplified professionalism, honesty, and intelligence. I would recommend him to friends and family, and personally use his services again if I needed to.

I just want to thank you again for all of your help and hard work. You went above and beyond to make sure I got what I needed. I am extremely grateful and happy with the outcome despite the reason I needed your help. You are a great example of paying it forward and you have giving me inspiration to do the same for other people. Thank you.”

Comments from the injured woman’s father:

“I also really cannot thank you enough for all the effort and coordination you put in with the other attorneys, not to mention the bankruptcy attorney you enlisted to provide his services to Jessica at no charge.

Jessica and I know you went way above and beyond and could have charged much more and you donated many hours and had a lot of late evening hours of phone conversations with me this past year.

It was comforting to work with your law firm during this horrific ordeal that Jessica and her family and friends have experienced. It was nice to work with your law firm that showed us that your law office is not just about the money but that you actually care about your clients. You have never asked for any recommendations but I feel it is the least that I could do. The MADD organization and future unfortunate victims should really be aware of the client caring organization that you really are.

Thanks again Fred!! I really can not say enough good things about you and your law office!

Thank you for your time.”

“I think it’s fair to say in general, attorneys are viewed with an air of mistrust and apprehension. Anyone who would argue this only has to Google “lawyer jokes”; then try the same for doctors, or any other profession. Many-to most situations requiring legal representation begin with an already bad experience. At these vulnerable times, we have no choice but to turn to legal counsel. We comb through the phone book, take numbers from TV ads, look through internet, get names from friends, make a choice, sign on the dotted lines, step back and wait. With the wrong choice, you may find your case buried in a stack of other cases; all hoping for personal attention and communication; all getting little-to none, only to find their case being handed off to a paralegal.

In April of 2009, my Saturday morning bike ride came to an abrupt and painful end by a careless driver, leaving me with a shattered hip. Faced with short term disability, a driver with minimum insurance I truly was the deer caught in headlights. I had no concept of what to do, where to start or what I was entitled to. Looking through an overwhelming list of injury lawyers, a good friend found Fred online. When I saw he too was a cyclist, I immediately called. Because I was laid up, he came to my house for our first consultation. What happened after that was nothing short of amazing! Maybe it was because he was a cyclist, maybe it was his apparent knowledge dealing with insurance and their tight pocketbooks, maybe it was simply the fact that he’s a genuinely nice guy.

Whatever reason, I signed on the dotted line. From there on I did nothing but concentrate on healing and recovery. Not only did he get a full settlement from the driver’s insurance, he retrieved the balance from my insurance for under-insured drivers. I did not even know I was entitled to this since I was on my bike; not my car. Of course my own insurance agent withheld this from me. Fred has an incredible grasp of the medical and insurance industry. He knows how they tap dance to better profit from our misfortunes, and from my experience, seems to be the better dancer.

As grateful as I am to Fred for saving me from financial disaster, the one thing that stands out above all is the communication. I never had to call Fred since he was always calling me to give me constant updates; sometimes just to ask how I was healing. My case never was handed to someone else, and although I know an attorney of his caliber has many clients, I felt as if I had personal representation.

A year later, Fred continues to help me with the residual issues of my accident. Several months after my crash, we rode together in a community Fourth of July Bike Ride.

I’d like to believe Fred has made a myth of the bad rap his colleagues get but if I were unlucky enough to once again require legal help like this, I would not test the waters. Fred Dudek is my attorney.”

“Having been through a bicycle accident in the past I decided this time to find a lawyer that had sound experience in bicycle injury accidents. After the first meeting with Mr. Dudek, I knew that I had found someone who understood the legal aspects and the ins and outs of bicycle injury accidents. As an avid cyclist himself he definitely has the knowledge and experience that cyclists face on the roads.

Throughout the process Mr. Dudek always made sure I was in the loop. He was easily accessible when I had questions to ask about my case.

I believe that the major reason for the positive outcome of my case was having a lawyer who had extensive experience in bicycle injury accidents cases.”

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