Did a Defective Product Cause Your Bike Accident?

By bonnicilawgroup

Our San Diego Bicycle Accident Lawyer Discusses Manufacturer Liability for Faulty Bike Parts

In the video below, San Diego injury attorney Bonnici Law Group explains that while other motorists often cause bike car accidents to occur, another cause of injury for cyclists happens when defective bike components fail. This includes when the handlebar mechanism, braking system or bike frame breaks while an individual is riding. The Bonnici Law Group stays up-to-date on defective bike part recalls and can determine whether a defective product may be at fault. Speak with us by calling (619) 853-5101 today to schedule a free consultation to discuss your bicycle accident.

Video Transcription

In addition to vehicle accidents, or what we refer to as “car-on-bike” accidents, there can be other causes that can contribute to significant injuries. For example, a product defect on a bicycle whether a handlebar stem breaks or there’s something wrong with the frame or the wheel. One of the things that we do is to monitor any kind of product recalls. Also, we know to investigate the bicycle itself. There are some contacts I have in the San Diego area, for example, where we can take the bike in, photograph the bike, and evaluate whether anything on the bicycle itself contributed to the injuries.

That’s one of the reasons, if you are involved in cycling accident, to make sure you preserve the bicycle. Don’t let the insurance company take the bicycle. Do not get rid of or sell or, in any other way, destroy the bike. Make sure that you preserve the bike for review and photographing. We also may need to make it available to the other side.

So, these are all reasons why it makes sense for a client to contact an attorney who has experience with cycling cases in particular.