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Information about spinal cord injuries, injuries that can result in lifelong challenges and complications including paralysis.

This San Diego BMX Olympian Has Suffered a Spinal Injury

A BMX Olympic silver medalist and San Diego resident recently had an accident that resulted in a severe spinal injury. Sam Willoughby was warming up on a small dirt track as part of his usual training routine. He was going through an area of smalls bumps that people in the sport call the rhythm section at the time that he fell. Friends say that this section of the course is normally perfectly safe. Young kids, senior citizens and all kinds of community members have safely used this area in the past. Additionally, it appears that the athlete took all the proper precautions. Sam was wearing a helmet, and he followed the proper steps to ensure that he fell in the safest possible way. This was in every sense a freak accident, a tragedy that never should have happened. Of course, athletes, especially in extreme sports, understand that when they get…
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