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Bus accidents information about common bus crash injuries San Diego passengers may suffer when bus drivers or bus companies act negligently.

California Teen Cyclist Injured in Bus Accident

A California teen was recently critically injured in a tragic bus accident. A nearby construction worker who witnessed the accident says that he saw the young girl and her mother riding along the road. The incident happened early in the morning. The dial-a-ride bus was nearly empty as it came around the corner and hit the girl. She was rushed to the hospital in critical condition. This particular area of Riverside is known for being especially dangerous. There are no sidewalks or bike lanes, and drivers say that it can be difficult to see pedestrians or cyclists along the sides of the road. Local authorities are looking at surveillance footage from the bus in order to determine the cause of the accident. It is possible that the driver made a mistake, or that this part of the city needs re-planning in order to create a safer environment for cyclists and…
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School Principal Killed in Bus Accident Called a Hero

An elementary school principal was recently killed in a bus accident, but is being called a hero. When an approaching school bus jumped the curb and accelerated, the victim managed to push several young students to safety before she was struck and killed. Two students were also hit by the bus, and were transported to the hospital in serious, but not life-threatening, condition. Luckily, none of the 25 young passengers on the bus or the driver suffered injuries. Authorities are currently investigating the cause of the tragic bus accident, but have so far not reported any explanation. They did say that the bus involved only recently passed an inspection, less than a month prior to the accident. Liability in School Bus Accidents Pedestrian accidents are often very bad, since pedestrians have very little protection when it comes to large, speeding, metal bricks. Injuries are not uncommon at all in pedestrian…
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What Can I Expect After a Bus Accident?

Businesses have a duty to care for the safety of their patrons, and when they fail to meet that obligation, those who are hurt or injured may decide to file a lawsuit to recover damages for the cost of losing a loved one or sustaining a catastrophic injury. It is common for carriers to try to settle with accident victims out of court to avoid a lengthy and possibly public legal battle. In many cases, the amount settled out of court is not enough to cover the cost of injuries or the costs associated with losing a loved one. Why You Should Never Settle for Less The parents of a teenager who died while riding on the upper deck of an open-air bus are suing Starline Tours for negligence. According to the lawsuit, the teenager died after he struck his head on a freeway overpass while sightseeing in San Diego…
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