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Hit-and-run drivers are a danger to everyone on the road, but are hard to stop because of the difficulty involved in finding a suspected hit-and-run driver once they have fled the scene.

A Woman Was Dragged Half a Mile in Terrifying Bicycle Accident

It’s bad enough to be hit by a car while riding your bike, but a woman in Texas was dragged under the truck that hit her for nearly half a mile. How Did the Bicycle Accident Happen? The woman was travelling via bicycle to the University of Texas, where she is a psychiatry student, when a man in a Dodge truck crashed into her from behind. The driver then continued moving forward, refusing to stop and render aid, while his victim was being dragged beneath him for more than 2000 feet. She was luckily able to avoid a brain injury, but the rest of her body was badly injured. She suffered severe trauma to her leg, hip, and back. He muscles in her lower back, and even her spine, were exposed after the bicycle accident. Witnesses say they could hear screaming from blocks away. After the victim was finally freed…
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California’s Proposed “Yellow Alerts” Could Help to Bring Hit-and-Run Drivers to Justice

Hit-and-runs seem like an incurable plague of the roads as the number of occurrences is disturbingly high. The biggest problem with hit-and-run drivers is that they are notoriously difficult to bring to justice because of how hard it is to find the negligent driver. Reasons a driver may choose to flee the scene of an accident include standing warrants for their arrest and/or drug or alcohol use. California is in the process of passing a bill that will provide a new tool for finding suspected hit-and-run drivers called Yellow Alerts. Like Amber Alerts, the Yellow Alert would be a freeway alert notice sent out to the masses on freeway message boards. These alerts would contain whatever information was available including car or culprit descriptions. Big supporters of this new alert system include police forces and firemen, and motorcycle, bicycle and pedestrian advocates. However, the California Highway Patrol have officially stated…
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