A Woman Was Dragged Half a Mile in Terrifying Bicycle Accident

iStock_000020151647_LargeIt’s bad enough to be hit by a car while riding your bike, but a woman in Texas was dragged under the truck that hit her for nearly half a mile.

How Did the Bicycle Accident Happen?

The woman was travelling via bicycle to the University of Texas, where she is a psychiatry student, when a man in a Dodge truck crashed into her from behind. The driver then continued moving forward, refusing to stop and render aid, while his victim was being dragged beneath him for more than 2000 feet.

She was luckily able to avoid a brain injury, but the rest of her body was badly injured. She suffered severe trauma to her leg, hip, and back. He muscles in her lower back, and even her spine, were exposed after the bicycle accident.

Witnesses say they could hear screaming from blocks away. After the victim was finally freed from under the truck, the driver sped away. Those who found the cyclist told news media that she didn’t look human at first glance.

Was the Hit-and-Run Driver Found?

The hit-and-run driver was found the next day, and immediately denied any involvement. He claimed to have let a friend of a family member borrow the vehicle. Later, he admitted to being involved, but said that he only felt a slight bump and had heard no screaming.

A Go Fund Me page has been set up to help pay for some of the extensive surgery. The injuries caused by this horrific hit-and-run accident will take a lot of surgery, treatment, physical therapy, and time to heal.

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