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What to Do After a Car Accident in California

Whether you are a driver or passenger, your chances of being involved in a car accident are high. Not only have accident rates increased steadily over the years, accidents are more likely to be fatal. Car accident fatalities increased 7% between 2015 and 2016. The expenses associated with a car accident can be extremely high, particularly if you require long-term care or are unable to work. To protect your right to seek compensation and prepare yourself for recovery, follow these guidelines after a car accident in California. Steps to Take at the Scene of a Car Accident in California Take these steps while you are still at the scene of the accident. Check for injuries. First, check yourself and the other people in the car for injuries. Call 911, answer their questions about the collision, and tell them about any injuries. Many injuries are not immediately apparent, so it is…
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An Overview of California Motorcycle Safety Laws

Whether you are a daily rider or a weekend warrior, it is important to know California’s motorcycle safety laws. Understanding these laws can save you time and money. Most importantly, these laws can help keep you from having a motorcycle accident. Motorcycle Laws in California Below, we briefly summarize the motorcycle safety laws in California, including required equipment, prohibited gear and traffic laws for motorcycles on the roads. If you have questions about California motorcycle laws or what to do after a motorcycle accident, contact our San Diego motorcycle accident lawyer. California Motorcycle Equipment Requirements Daytime running lights are required for vehicles manufactured after 1977. A rider should not drive a motorcycle with handlebars positioned so that they must hold their hands more than six inches above their shoulders to grip the bars while sitting in the seat. Left and right side mirrors are required by law. Full mufflers are…
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Bicycle Safety Tips for Motorists as Children Head Back to School

The summer is officially over and students are pedaling their way to school every morning eager to learn. This means motorists should adopt more cautious habits. Here is a list of bicycle safety tips for motorists to help keep your children safe from bicycle accidents. Cycling to School Safety: Motorists Do’s Bicycle safety is not only for cyclists. Everybody on the road has a responsibility to keep each other safe. Remember that cyclists, especially children, are much slower than cars and require extra time and space from you as a motorist to get around. Do remember that cyclists are equal to motorists. The law is the same in every state; cyclists must obey the same laws as drivers of any other vehicle. Treat them equal to somebody in a car. Do double check before making a turn. If you plan to make a right turn, a rider beside you may…
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