Injured on the Water?

San Diego Maritime Attorney Represents Fishermen, Cruise Ship Passengers and Boaters

Top maritime attorney in San Diego CA representing commercial fishermen and merchant seamen hurt on the jobNot all personal injury lawyers understand or have experience with the laws that govern the rights of individuals hurt at sea. While the legal issues may differ from onshore accidents, many of the consequences are the same. These may include devastating injuries, mounting medical bills and losing the ability to work temporarily, and sometimes, permanently. San Diego maritime attorney Bonnici Law Group regularly works in the field of admiralty and maritime law on behalf of injury victims and their families. Consequently, he knows the possible complexities of these cases.

If you were hurt while working or traveling on the water, or if a family member suffered fatal injuries out at sea, Joshua offers the personalized support gained from a small law firm without sacrificing the resources, legal technologies and courtroom experience found in larger firms. You can rest assured that your case is getting the attention and representation it deserves.

How Can I Pay My Bills after an Injury Working at Sea?

Maritime employers do not always take the necessary measures to provide safe equipment and adequate training to protect their employees. This negligence can result in hardworking seamen, fishermen, cruise ship employees, longshoremen and other workers suffering serious on-the-job injuries from otherwise preventable accidents.

“I was always given the amount of information I needed… during times when I was busy he made sure to just inform me on the important information… This made working with Mr. Bonnici extremely easy and stress free.”

Although federal law guarantees injured seamen compensation through maintenance and cure, it may not be enough to cover the true financial cost of their injuries. Their employers may either refuse to pay or offer improper amounts of maintenance and cure. In addition to causing immense medical expenses, these injuries often impair the seamen’s ability to continue working. In turn, this loss of income harms the seamen’s families.

Under the Jones Act, injured maritime workers may have the right to file a lawsuit against their employers. Joshua uses his experience to assist those hurt because of improper maintenance, negligent employees or crewmembers as well as a lack of on board supplies in ship accidents.

What Should I Do If I Got Hurt on a Cruise?

San Diego CA maritime attorney for passenger cruise ship injuriesEveryone boards a cruise ship with the expectation of having a safe trip. However, passengers and crewmembers alike may find themselves suffering cruise ship injury due to negligence. An important note for cruise ship passengers: there is an extremely short amount of time to give proper notice to the cruise lines after an injury. Thus, you must act quickly and effectively after an injury to:

  • Report what happened to the cruise line immediately. If not, some companies may attempt to discredit the claim by stating you never reported it. This then leaves them free to deny their responsibility.
  • Speak to qualified legal counsel as soon as possible after a boating accident or injury. You do not want to miss important deadlines. Injured cruise passengers have rights under the law, but they must act quickly to benefit from them.

If you are a paid crewmember working aboard a cruise ship, you may have a right to obtain compensation under the Jones Act and other maritime laws. The timeframe to pursue compensation for your injuries varies depending on the specifics of your claim. Thus, you should discuss your injuries with a maritime attorney in San Diego for more information.

Should I Accept an Injury Settlement?

Most cruise lines have been in business for several decades. Therefore, they are fully aware of the different hazards that can happen aboard a ship. Regardless, some still fail to maintain proper safety standards, resulting in their customers suffering:

  • Broken bones and brain injuries from slipping on wet surfaces
  • Infections
  • Food poisoning
  • Criminal assaults
  • Negligent medical care from ship physicians
  • Drowning
  • Swimming pool and water slide accidents

Cruise companies will do anything in their power to prevent you from bringing a claim against them. This may include offering low cash settlements or free cruise vouchers in an attempt to avoid lawsuits after accidents on cruise ships. This settlement offer will often not be able to cover any medical expenses you incurred because of the injury, nor will it adequately compensate you for any additional damages or suffering. If the cruise line has made an offer to you, do not accept it without first consulting with your own legal counsel.

Injured in a Boating Accident?

Unfortunately, negligent and dangerous actions by boat operators continue to cause many serious injuries every year. According to the Coast Guard, alcohol is the most common factor involved in fatal boat accidents. Some may feel that they do not need to be as diligent behind the wheel of a boat as they are behind the wheel of a car. But, this is simply not true.

Leading San Diego maritime attorney can help after Jet Ski or boating accidentMany individuals hurt in boating accidents or Jet Ski accidents are uncertain about taking legal actions against the operator at fault. Maybe they personally know this person, or the operator made a promise to assist them with paying for any bills related to the accident. Whatever the situation, speaking with a lawyer about what happened does not mean you have to pursue the claim right away. Maybe the boat operator will come through and provide the compensation you deserve outside of court. However, more often than not, victims are left holding the bill. Taking action as soon as it happens ensures that, if and when you need legal assistance, all you need to do is call your maritime attorney.

Maritime Attorney for San Diego Accidents at Sea

With attorney Joshua Bonnici on your side, he will work hard to make sure that a court of law holds those responsible for injuries caused by negligence accountable. These parties may include your employer, a crewmember or reckless boater on the water. Our law firm has the knowledge and resources necessary to assist injured people. We want to help you get justice for the harm you suffered. Please speak with us today by calling (619) 853-5101 or submit our online form.