Texting and Driving Accidents

San Diego Car Accident Lawyer Fights for Victims Hurt by Distracted Drivers

Top San Diego car accident lawyer will uphold your rights after an accident involving texting while drivingFor most people, cellphones and texting are essential to everyday life. However, texting and driving can quickly turn a useful feature into a deadly distraction. When a driver is typing a text message, he or she is not paying attention to the road, nearby vehicles or people. This carelessly disregards everyone’s safety on the road. Each year, texting while driving results in serious car accidents, injuries and wrongful deaths across the country. The number of preventable accidents caused by texting while driving is still too high.

San Diego car accident lawyer Bonnici Law Group has worked at law firms large and small. With decades of experience, he prefers for his law firm to combine the personal attention of a small firm with the resources of a large firm. Bonnici Law Group offers personalized, caring counsel to each and every client. We understand how to handle distracted driving car accident cases, including what it takes to investigate the cause of the crash. Additionally, attorney Bonnici can successfully prove fault and gain the recoveries victims deserve. In one case, we helped passengers in Imperial County recover $1.5 million in compensation for injuries caused by a car accident.

After an injury caused by a driver texting, talking on a cellphone or otherwise distracted, know that you may be able to hold that person accountable. This includes paying for your medical bills, property damage and other expenses related to the crash. By holding distracted drivers accountable for their negligent actions, there is one less person on the road putting others in danger by choosing to text while driving.

Is Texting and Driving Illegal in California?

California has texting while driving laws. The California texting law prohibits all drivers from texting while behind the wheel. The state has also banned all cellphone use, except hands-free features, for everyone over the age of 18. Younger drivers under 18 are not allowed to use cellphones while driving at all.

These laws have been in effect since 2009 and are among the most comprehensive in the country. California drivers caught texting, emailing or messaging on a cellphone while driving face citations and fines that range depending on the number of offenses. However, many drivers in California view these financial penalties as not being harsh enough to stop texting while driving.

What are the Risks of Texting and Driving? Examples of Accidents Caused by Cellphones

Car accident attorney for vehicle accidentsOf all the possible distractions a driver faces while behind the wheel, texting can be particularly difficult to resist. In our society, many feel pressured to send a return text message as soon as possible… but it can wait. Distracted drivers can cause many different types of texting while driving accidents. A driver who is not paying attention to the road may drift into adjacent or oncoming lanes of traffic, possibly resulting in a high speed, head-on collision. Texting drivers may not notice when the traffic ahead of them slows down until it is too late to brake. This may result in rear-end collisions. Distracted drivers are less likely to notice pedestrians and cyclists, resulting in pedestrian accidents and crashes involving bicycles.

Victims of texting and driving accidents may face long hospital stays, costly medical treatments and rehabilitation therapies during their recoveries. The at-fault driver’s insurance policy should cover these expenses. However, motorists with only the California minimum car insurance coverage or no insurance coverage cannot provide the full compensation these victims need.

In this situation, a personal injury lawsuit can help. They can provide damages that may include past and future medical expenses, lost wages as well as compensation for the pain and suffering related to the accident. Our experienced San Diego car accident lawyer can negotiate on your behalf with the involved insurance companies. If needed, he can pursue a claim against the texting driver for the fair compensation you deserve.

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A car accident caused by texting can be a devastating experience, but San Diego car accident lawyer Bonnici Law Group has guided hundreds of clients recover the compensation they need. Texting while driving is illegal in California. Negligent drivers who ignore the law can and should be held accountable for the damages they cause.

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