What are Different Types of Cycling Accidents?

San Diego Bike Accident Lawyer Offers Safety Advice

Bike Accident Lawyer for Cycling Injury Claims in San DiegoFor avid cyclists like bike accident lawyer Bonnici Law Group, riding a bicycle is more than a form of transportation or exercise. It is a passion. However, cyclists share the road with cars and other vehicles, which can be dangerous when the drivers are negligent. Any bike vs. car crash can cause catastrophic injuries or wrongful death, especially to the cyclist. While bike riders can take certain precautions to avoid the most common types of bicycle accidents, drivers are also responsible for staying alert and cautious on the road to prevent crashes.

If driver negligence caused your bicycle injury in any type of accident, you may be entitled to compensation for your medical bills and other damages. San Diego attorney Bonnici Law Group understands the difficulties faced by injured cyclists. This is due not only to his professional experience with bicycle accident claims, but also because he is a cyclist himself. He can answer your questions, free of charge. He can then assist you in your bicycle accident claim or personal injury lawsuit so that you get the fair compensation you deserve.

What are the Most Common Types of Cycling Accidents?

Just like car crashes, cycling accidents can happen virtually anywhere. While urban bike riders may face risks like heavy traffic and intersection accidents, rural cyclists may also sustain injuries in crashes, since drivers may not anticipate a bicycle. Some of the most common types of cycling accidents include:

  • Stop sign accidents. The most common bicycle accidents happen at intersections where there are stop signs in one direction but not the other. Often, drivers at the stop sign will pull out into the intersection as the cyclist approaches, even though the cyclist has the right of way. This can lead to either the car striking the bike, or the cyclist crashing into the side of the car. Either way, a serious bicycle injury or wrongful death may result.
  • Other intersection accidents. Cycling accidents also happen frequently at four-way stops and intersections with traffic lights. Negligent drivers may assume they have the right of way or may overlook a cyclist entirely.
  • Left turn accidents. Drivers turning left across lanes of traffic often check to ensure there are no oncoming cars. However, they may neglect to ensure that their path is free from smaller, slower cyclists, resulting in a bicycle accident.
  • Right hook accidents. When a car and a bicycle are traveling the same direction, the driver may overtake the cyclist and then attempt a right-hand turn. If the driver does not ensure that the cyclist is far enough behind before turning, a serious crash can occur.
  • Dooring accidents. In some areas, especially cities, cyclists may travel along a line of parallel parked cars. If a driver or passenger opens a car door unexpectedly in front of a cyclist, then the bike may strike the door. Alternatively, the cyclist may swerve to try to avoid the door, causing a bicycle accident with another vehicle.

Who is Responsible for These Types of Bike Crashes?

Cycling accidents are frequently the fault of negligent drivers. These drivers may fail to stay alert for bike riders or violate certain traffic laws related to cyclists. However, the cyclist may also be partially or completely at fault for certain types of crashes.

Most often, negligent drivers are liable for the injuries and damages that result from left turn and right hook accidents. Usually, the cyclist has the right of way in these cases, and the driver overlooks or fails to account for the bike. Additionally, drivers are usually legally responsible for dooring accidents. By law, drivers must check that there is no oncoming traffic, including cyclists, before opening a door during and after parallel parking.

Accidents at intersections may be the fault of either the cyclist or the driver. However, liability usually falls to the party who had the stop sign and pulled into the other party’s right of way. You can reduce your risk of a serious bicycle accident at an intersection by always double checking to be sure that any approaching vehicles have come to a full stop before proceeding.

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Even a low-speed crash can cause a catastrophic, life-changing bicycle injury. In addition to the expense of medical treatment and bicycle repairs, you may face substantial recovery time, which may prevent you from working. You may be able to collect compensation for these costs from the at-fault driver’s insurance company or possibly your own. San Diego bike accident lawyer Joshua Bonnici can represent your claim and ensure that you get a fair insurance settlement. If the provider refuses to cooperate, then he can assist you in filing a personal injury lawsuit as well.

Joshua offers free initial consultations and contingency fee arrangements. Contact his California personal injury law firm online or call today to discuss your bicycle accident claim.