What Do I Do After a Bicycle Accident in San Diego?

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Even if you follow all the rules of the road, you may still be involved in a bicycle accident in San Diego. Many factors can lead to bicycle accidents, from distracted driving to drunk driving, even something as simple as the sun being in a driver’s eyes.

Getting into an accident with a car is a frightening experience, but it is important to stay calm. Your next actions can be crucial in proving that the other driver’s negligence led to your injuries.

What to Do After a Bicycle Accident in San Diego

Below, our San Diego bicycle accident lawyer gives a short guide on what to do after a bicycle accident:

  1. Call 911. The police can help block off the accident scene to prevent further harm and call necessary emergency services. An officer will create and file a police report. He or she will interview you, the driver and any witnesses.
  2. Seek medical attention. If the police or California Highway Patrol respond, tell them your injuries or whether you have pain. Even if you do not believe you have injuries, you should allow emergency responders to do a medical evaluation. If you do not do a medical evaluation at the scene, see a doctor after you leave the scene.
  3. Collect contact information. Get the driver’s contact information as well as information from any witnesses. If you are unable due to injury, ask a witness to collect information and text or email it to you.
  4. Collect insurance information. Photograph or record the driver’s auto insurance information. California drivers must carry proof of insurance in their vehicles.  Include the insurance company name and the policy number.
  5. Take pictures. Take photos of the license plate, vehicle and  scene of the accident. Also take pictures of your bike and injuries.
  6. Write down information about the scene. Record the time and date of the accident. You can also write down any other important details, such as the place of your accident and weather.
  7. Do not try to negotiate. You should not try to negotiate with the other involved party. You do not know how he or she is going to behave after leaving the scene.
  8. Contact a San Diego bicycle accident lawyer. Discuss your case in a free, no obligation consultation with a personal injury attorney. A lawyer can help you understand your rights and legal options under California law.
  9. Keep medical and financial records. Keep any and all medical records and costs incurred due to your injuries. You should also record all of your injuries and symptoms. Symptoms of hidden injuries may show up later, like headaches or muscle pains.
  10. Do not fix your bike. You should not touch your bike until your case is resolved. The damage is valuable evidence for your injury claim.

Injured in a Bicycle Accident in San Diego? Call Our Firm Now

If you have been involved in a San Diego bicycle accident, you should speak with an experienced attorney about your situation. At Bonnici Law Group, attorney Bonnici Law Group helps victims of bicycle accidents recover the compensation needed for medical bills, lost wages and other damages after an accident. Contact our office today at (619) 853-5101 or fill out our online contact form.

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