How Do I Prove The Other Driver is at Fault?

Fault in Car Accident

Car accidents can be traumatic experiences. They can cause serious injuries, property damage and death. When insurance companies get involved, they investigate whether one or both parties were at fault in the accident. If your car accident involves a claim or lawsuit, you must provide proper evidence to use in the case. Documenting all aspects of your car accident is a vital part of recovering compensation for your injuries.

Types of At-Fault Car Accidents

The following types of car accidents are almost always considered the other driver’s fault:

  • Rear-end accidents. If you have been hit from behind, it most likely will be the fault of the other driver. Drivers should stay a safe distance from the car in front of them. This is to ensure that the driver can see the traffic lights ahead.
  • Left-turn accidents. Though there are exceptions, most times, if a car turning left hits your car while you’re driving straight, the left-turn motorist will be at fault. Generally, a car turning left must yield to oncoming traffic until it is safe to turn left.

Tips For Proving Fault in a Car Accident

Here are a couple of tips to help strengthen your car accident claim and prove fault:

  • Police reports. It is important to call local or state police officials to the accident scene. The officer will create a police report that may help your claim later. This police report may contain important information about the cause of the accident, witnesses, contact information and other details from the accident. 
  • Official state traffic laws. Each state has specific laws or codes that govern the way motorists should drive. The California Vehicle Code contains rules about speed limits, right-of-way, and when it is acceptable for motorists to merge or yield to oncoming traffic.
  • Speak with a car accident lawyer. We recommend that you speak with an attorney after your accident. Our San Diego auto accident lawyer can help you understand your rights and responsibilities under California law. We can help you gather important evidence for your claim and advocate for you.

Do You Have Questions About Your Car Accident?

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