How Do I Prove The Other Driver is at Fault?

Fault in Car Accident

When you’re involved with a car accident, it can be a traumatic experience. The car accident could cause damage to you and your automobile. When insurance companies get involved, they want to have evidence that one party was negligent in the accident. In a automobile accident that involves a lawsuit, it’s essential that you have collected the proper evidence to use in the case. Documenting all aspect of the car accident is a vital part of receiving compensation for your damages from another motorist who was at fault for the accident.

Tips For Proving Fault in Court

Here are some key tips for helping prove the other driver was at fault during a car accident.

  • Police Reports. It’s important that you wait for the police to arrive after a car accident. The police official will determine what the cause of the accident. The police also will include in the report a statement from you. It’s important to prove a clear and very detailed version of the events.
  • Official State Traffic Laws. Each state has specific laws that govern the way motorists are to drive. These laws or “vehicle code” include such rules as speed limit, right-of-way, and when it is acceptable for motorists to merge or yield to oncoming traffic.
  • No Fault Automobile Accident Liability. These types of accidents are almost always considered the other driver’s fault:
    • Rear End Accidents. If you’ve been hit from behind, it most likely will be the fault of the other driver. One part of the vehicle code informs drivers to stay a safe distance from the car in front of them. This is to ensure that the driver can see the traffic lights ahead.
    • Left-Turn Accidents. Though there are expectations, most times, if a car turning left hits your car while you’re driving straight, the left-turn motorist will be at fault. Most likely, a car turning left must yield to oncoming traffic until it is safe to turn left.

Questions About Your Car Accident?

If you’ve been hurt in a car accident and need assistance on how to move forward, call the trusted then you should speak with an attorney to determine possible options for recovering compensation. The trusted San Diego car accident attorney Frederick Dudek could help you determine if these options exist for your situation.