How Much Dog Bite Compensation Can Victims Recover?

Experienced San Diego Dog Attack Lawyer on Calculating Dog Bite Settlement Amounts

Leading San Diego dog attack lawyer seeks the most dog bite compensation available for victims in CaliforniaDog attacks can change the lives of victims and their families forever, leaving them with:

  • Permanent scars, such as facial disfigurement
  • Severely broken bones that, even after they heal, are never the same again
  • Rabies or other types of infectious diseases
  • The aftermath and trauma of the dog attack in the form of post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Physically disabling dog bite injuries and inability to live on your own or without lifelong medical care
  • An inability to work because of your dog attack injuries
  • The consequences of a fatal dog attacks that rob families of someone they expected to share their lives with for decades to come

San Diego dog bite attorney Bonnici Law Group of Bonnici Law Group has years of experience handling dog bite cases. As his past clients have reviewed, he is personally invested in the life and well-being of every client. He is completely dedicated to ensuring clients recover the dog bite compensation they need to secure their future. Unless you or someone you love has suffered a dog bite, you can easily underestimate just how costly it can be.

What Does Dog Bite Compensation Cover?

Under California dog bite law, dog owners are strictly liable if a person is hurt or suffers other damages because their dog bit a person. This means that dog bite victims do not have to prove that the bite or attack was due to the dog owner’s negligence to be eligible to seek dog bite compensation.

In general, dog bite compensation covers the following:

  • Medical expenses
  • Long-term care for those left with a physical disability following a dog attack
  • The cost of physical therapy and other types of rehabilitation
  • Lost income if a dog bite victim has to miss time at work because of his or her injuries or is killed as a result of the attack and was the family’s breadwinner
  • Funeral costs in the case of a fatal dog attack

What are Common Dog Bite Settlement Amounts?

In many cases, a dog owner’s homeowner’s insurance policy covers dog attacks. However, there are many variations between policies. This, plus the results of its investigation, can then lead to compensation offers that vary widely. For instance, compensation will often increase if the victim was physically disfigured due to the attack, the dog bite scars are visible, the victim was a child or the injury will require lifelong medical treatment.

Dog bite victims can benefit from legal representation after an attack to ensure they receive fair compensation from dog owners and their insurance carriers. Insurance companies often pay as little as possible for a dog bite injury on behalf of its policy holder. However, experienced California dog bite attorney Bonnici Law Group can act on your behalf. He will talk to the involved parties and negotiate with the insurance adjuster to make sure you receive the dog bite compensation you deserve. This allows you to focus on what is important: your recovery.

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