How to Prevent Dog Bites

San Diego Dog Bite Attorney on What to Do to Avoid Attacks

Top San Diego dog attack lawyer explains how to prevent dog bites and how the law protects dog bite victims in CaliforniaDog bite attorney Bonnici Law Group has seen the devastating consequences of severe animal attacks in San Diego, having represented clients who suffered catastrophic dog bite injuries and facial disfigurement. Our attorney provides important tips on how to prevent dog bites and what parents should teach young children about how to safely interact with animals. You can also read our page on what to do if a dog bites you.

For those who find themselves confronted by a threatening animal, our dog bite prevention tips may be too late. After a dog bite, you and your family could be dealing with serious physical and emotional wounds. Dog bite injuries can result in thousands of dollars in medical expenses, require multiple surgeries to reduce or correct scarring as well as other lifelong effects.

All dog owners have a responsibility to pay fair recoveries to dog bite victims to compensate for their losses if they allow their dogs to harm you or someone you love. Dog bite victims have legal rights after an attack, and our San Diego dog bite lawyer will work to protect their rights and recover the fair compensation dog bite victims deserve.

How to Prevent a Dog Bite and Minimize Injuries During an Attack

  • Understand the signs of a dog getting into attack mode: raised tail, showing teeth, arched back, raised ears, growling, staring and a tense body.
  • Although it seems counterintuitive, do not run away from a threatening dog. This will likely only encourage it to run after you. Instead, do not make eye contact with the animal and back away slowly.
  • If a dog lunges at you, try to put an object in between you and the animal. This can be things like a purse, backpack or household object like a lamp or pillow.
  • If the dog knocks you to the ground, roll into a ball and cover your head, face and ears as much as possible.
  • If the dog bites and breaks skin, seek medical attention immediately. Dog bites can easily get infected from the saliva in the dog’s mouth. So, be aware of even small cuts or wounds.

Protecting Children from Dog Bites: Safety Tips for Kids

  • Do not let young children pet strangers’ dogs on the street. Teach a child to simply admire the animal from a safe distance.
  • Only allow a child to interact with a dog that is already familiar to you. However, even a familiar dog has the potential to attack a child. Therefore, you should make sure all interactions are under close supervision.
  • For dogs owned by family or friends that are social with children, teach the child to pet it correctly and gently. Let the dog come to you or the child and allow it to sniff your hand before touching it.
  • Make sure the child understands to:
    • Never pull a dog’s ears or tail
    • Never surprise a dog from behind; always let it see you before you reach out to pet it
    • Never bother a dog when it is eating or chewing on a toy

Call for Free Legal Advice on Your Rights After a Dog Bite

If you or your child has been attacked by a dog and required medical attention, you should speak to an attorney. Our San Diego dog bite attorney offers free consultations regarding your rights after an animal attack.