Can I Sue If a Dog Attacks Me or My Child? Owner Liability in a Dog Bite Lawsuit

San Diego Dog Bite Lawyer Explains the Claim Process

San Diego dog attack lawyer explains the rights of victims to file a dog bite lawsuit against negligent ownersSan Diego dog bite attorney Bonnici Law Group helps dog bite victims and families. With his help, many victims have been able to hold negligent dog owners accountable for catastrophic bite injuries, tragic losses and overwhelming medical expenses in dog bite lawsuits.

As clients have said in their testimonials, our San Diego dog bite attorney takes a personal interest in his clients. He genuinely cares about their cases and gets results. What to do after a dog bite is confusing. There are limited resources that accurately explain what your rights are to recover financially after a dog attacks you or someone you love. Our firm aims to be this resource for dog bite victims and families in and around San Diego County.

Can I File a Dog Bite Lawsuit?

In many cases following a dog bite or attack, victims or their families can file a dog bite lawsuit to recover financial damages. There is a common misconception that California has a “one free bite rule” that protects owners whose dogs have never bitten or attacked anyone before. This is not the law in California.

Even if it is a first offense, under California dog bite law, dog owners are strictly liable if their dog attacks or bites someone. Read more about owner responsibility in dog bite claims here.

Should I File a Dog Bite Lawsuit?

It can be difficult for people who have never suffered a dog bite to understand how dramatically it can devastate your health and life. Many victims and their families can single out a dog attack as a huge turning point in their lives.

Those dealing with the following life-altering consequences of a dog bite may be able to recover substantial damages in a dog bite lawsuit if they:

  • Suffer permanent physical disfigurement as a result of their dog bite injuries
  • Have a long rehabilitation process due to the painful bite injury, such as tissue loss, broken bones or facial disfiguration
  • Struggle with a physical disability or post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Have a dog attack-related injury result that leaves them needing lifelong care or inability to live without assistance
  • Lose their job because they are unable to work due to their dog bite injuries
  • Have a family member suddenly die as a result of a fatal dog attack

What compensation can you receive in a successful dog bite lawsuit? It can cover past and future medical bills from the attack, lost income and pain and suffering damages for the emotional toll the dog bite has caused. In particularly severe dog attack cases, courts may award punitive damages. This is to deter any future reckless behavior by the negligent dog owner.

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