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Small Plane Crashes in Remote Part of Ramona, CA

On February 12th, a small plane crashed in the Cleveland National Forest, northeast of the Ramona airport. Fortunately, two of the occupants, a 28-year-old man and 25-year-old man, survived the with only minor injuries. A 20-year-old woman, sadly, perished in the event. Here’s what we know about the accident. Details About the Ramona Small Plane Crash The accident occurred at roughly 2:30 p.m. on the 12th, which was a Sunday. Following the crash, the two survivors hiked out of the denser area of the forest to where they had cell phone service. They phoned emergency services, who were not immediately able to pinpoint their exact location. Roughly an hour later, helicopter rescue services located the smoking plane’s remnants and the survivors. Cal Fire San Diego transported them to the nearest hospital for non-life-threatening injuries. The plane, a Cessna 172, belonged to a flight school. It was registered to American Aviation…
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Injured Mailman Speaks About San Diego Dog Attack

Buddy Siso, a mail carrier viciously attacked by a dog in late July, is telling his story to bring attention to what he says is a growing issue in San Diego. Siso’s throat was mauled, his leg bitten and several of his teeth were knocked out after being attacked by an unleashed pit bull in mid-July. “The dog had physically pushed his way through the gate and was virtually on me within a second,” said Siso. “That was the most horrific and terrifying second of my life.” The dog owner showed up and was able to remove the dog, but at that point, Siso had already sustained serious injuries and was bleeding profusely. Siso was wearing his mailbag strap around his neck and his bag across his chest, a safety measure he learned in a dog bite prevention training last December. “That saved my life,” he said. According to the…
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San Diego Accident Attorney Comments On Corrections Officer Killed in Single Car Accident

A California state corrections officer and his service dog died in a single car accident on State Route 79 on March 25. Sergeant Gilbert Cortez, 46, was traveling in a convoy with four other vehicles from the California Rehabilitation Center when he lost control of his Ford Crown Victoria and spun off the road. Paramedics rushed Cortez to a nearby firehouse where they waited for a helicopter to carry him to the hospital. Cortez died while waiting. His service dog, a Belgian Malinois named Mattie, was pronounced dead on the scene. The reason Cortez lost control remains unknown and the California Highway Patrol is currently investigating. “All of us at CDCR mourn the tragic death of Officer Gilbert Cortez,” said Jeff Beard, spokesperson from the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. “He was a valued member of our department, and his ultimately passing in the line of duty is a…
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