What If You Are in a Bicycle Accident with a Dog?

Photo of a barking dogBicycle accidents can be very serious, often causing severe bodily injury. In a bicycle accident with a car or a pedestrian, a cyclist may be able to pursue compensation for any damages depending on the circumstances and any negligence involved, but what if you have a bicycle accident with a dog? Or another animal?

What If a Dog Makes You Crash?

There are a few different situations in which a dog may cause a bicycle accident. For example, if the dog unknowingly walked into your path, or if a dog tangles its leash in your wheels. What if a dog attacks your bike, causing you to crash?

If you sustained injuries in the bicycle accident, you may be able to sue a dog owner for compensation, but you will have to prove the owner was negligent. California state law includes statutes for injuries caused by dogs, but those statutes are limited to dog bites. Unfortunately, that means that getting compensation from a dog owner whose pet walked into your path, or ran into your bike is more difficult and requires the right evidence.

If a dog attacks you while you are riding a bicycle, you may have a stronger case. The owner of a dog that attacks you or the wheels of your bicycle and causes a crash could be found liable for your injuries. Depending on the circumstances surrounding the accident, a dog bite attorney could help you get fair compensation either through settlement or trial.

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