How Can I Avoid Impaired Drivers This Holiday Season?

impaired driver car accident damage Drunk-driving accidents are a force of destruction for pedestrians and other motorists, causing thousands of deaths and injuries every year. A recent accident in Los Angeles left 13 people injured when a drunk driver slammed his pickup truck into two minivans, sending one of the minivans onto a sidewalk crowded with people who were there to look at Christmas lights.

A majority of people injured were pedestrians, excluding the driver himself and the two people sitting in the minivan. An investigation into the accident revealed that the driver had prior driving under the influence convictions (DUI) and had been driving without a license. It is an unfortunate reality that the holiday season means more drunk drivers and car accidents, but there are steps you can take to avoid being hurt and also to report dangerous driving.

Drunk drivers are obviously a danger to other motorists, but one aspect of the incredibly irresponsible act rarely discussed is the danger it poses to pedestrians. Pedestrians are already extremely difficult to see, even in well-lit areas, and alcohol reduces reaction times. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, 80 percent of fatal alcohol related crashes occur from 8 p.m. to 8 a.m., making it clear that lack of visibility compounds the problem.

What You Can Do to Avoid and Report Impaired Drivers

Spotting and reporting a drunk driver may help save lives and reduce the chances that someone will suffer catastrophic injuries. Drivers under the influence will quickly accelerate or decelerate, tailgate, weave, brake erratically and perform unsafe lane changes.

If you spot drunk drivers, stay as far away from them as possible, get their license plate number along with the model and color of their car and pull over safely to call 911. Law enforcement will likely ask you the location, direction the vehicle was driving and the manner it was driving in.

In addition to severe criminal fines and jail time, drunk drivers can face civil litigation for damages if they hit and injure someone. If a drunk driver has hit you, calling an attorney to get an opinion and weigh your opinions will cost nothing.

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Did You Know? Every 53 minutes, someone is killed in a drunk-driving accident.