Can San Diego Decrease Wrong-Way Accidents?

Tesla car accidents continue to increase, leading many to question Autopilot's record of safety.

ABC 10 News San Diego recently published an article that discussed wrong-way crashes in San Diego County. According to the article, there have been multiple wrong-way crashes since the beginning of 2018. An average of 23 people per year die in wrong-way crashes in California. Caltrans data shows 13 of these deaths occurred in San Diego during 2015, the last year records were compiled on these crashes. Most recently, a wrong-way driver caused a fatal crash on Interstate 8 near Sunset Boulevard. The wrong-way driver died in the wreck and two people in another vehicle suffered serious injuries.

Caltrans is taking several steps to stop wrong-way crashes. Officials with Caltrans will install millions of red reflectors on freeways across the state, far more than what is currently in use. Officials hope the reflectors can alert even the most inebriated driver that they are on the wrong side of the road.

Caltrans also launched a pilot program early last year in San Diego and Sacramento. The recently implemented program makes changes to off-ramps at I-5 and SeaWorld Drive, I-8 and Sunset Cliffs and I-15. According to Caltrans, ramps will use flashing LED lights to warn wrong-way drivers and other motorists. In addition, cameras will notify law enforcement when motorists have entered the wrong side of the road. California Highway Patrol and dispatch centers will receive photographs and telephone notifications.

According to the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), a majority of wrong-way crashes in the US are caused by drunk drivers. Caltrans has also said that many of the wrong-way crashes in the past few years were caused by drivers with very high blood alcohol concentration (BAC) levels.

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