Hit-and-Run Driver Plows Through Zombie Walk

The San Diego Comic-Con invites comic book enthusiasts from all over the world to mingle and compete in ornate costumes, honoring their favorite fictional characters. One of the most famous events is the “zombie walk,” where hundreds of participants slog down the street doing their best impression of the undead.

This year, there was real blood in the streets after a hit-and-run driver plowed into a group of zombies at the intersection of Island and 2nd Avenue. One woman’s arm was crushed during the incident.

According to eyewitness accounts, a black Honda was blowing its horn as it tried to force its way through the intersection, even though it was thronged with people. Several participants tried to get the driver to wait until the parade had passed, but witnesses say he “just looked upset” and continued blowing the horn.

A few pedestrians sat on the hood to try to keep the car from moving, and the driver accelerated. The Honda lurched forward and struck a woman dressed in pink, crushing her arm.

The driver pulled over a few blocks away, and communicated to the police that he was deaf. He said he was in a hurry to get home and grew frustrated as people kept moving in front of his car. He apologized for injuring the woman.

Police are still investigating cell phone footage to discern who was at fault in the accident. They will determine if charges need to be filed after completing the investigation.

Do I Have a Personal Injury Case?

Even if the police decline to file criminal charges, this driver could still be sued under civil law. Driving a car into a crowd of pedestrians is dangerous no matter how frustrated the man was, and his reckless behavior directly harmed a woman.

Crushing injuries are more complicated than simple breaks, meaning the woman injured in this incident may require costly medical care and extensive physical therapy to regain full function of her arm. If you were injured by a reckless driver, a personal injury settlement could help alleviate your financial burden so you can focus on healing.

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[Did You Know: In California, drivers must yield the right-of-way to any pedestrian crossing an intersection or crosswalk.]

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