Insurance Group Forms Committee to Probe Motorcycle Accident Data

Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI) created a formal Motorcycle Review Committee (MRC) to examine data and statistics from motorcycle accidents in order to adjust insurance rates, according to the Star Phoenix. The committee will attempt to determine which factors are most likely to lead to motorcycle accidents by soliciting input from its panel, which include motorcycle drivers, motorcycle retail and wholesale dealers, motorcycle safety instructors, insurance adjusters and medical professionals. The SGI said in an April 4 press release that the MRC will meet in May and an independent facilitator will lead the discussions.

Early in 2013, Canadian insurance companies announced proposals to increase insurance rates for motorcyclists by 73 percent to account for a $9 million deficit between injury payouts stemming from accidents and fees charged to motorcyclists. Needless to say, the motorcycle community did not exactly embrace the announcement and asked the insurance companies to cap the rates.

“We welcome this opportunity to work with the motorcycle community and all affected stakeholders in finding effective solutions to the issues with motorcycle safety, ratings and insurance coverage,” said SGI CEO Andrew Cartmell. “While rates are about dollars and cents, the biggest issue at hand is saving lives and preventing injuries.”

While the committee may have been assembled to rationally explain the proposed insurance rate hike, anything that probes the causes of motorcycle accidents and works to prevent them is a good thing. It will be interesting to see if this committee finds that many of the motorcycle safety issues in Canada are similar to the safety issues that are factors in motorcycle crashes here in the United States. Please contact our office for a free consultation if you or a loved one has been in an accident.

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