Man Survives For 6 Days By Eating Bugs After Car Accident

A California man was rescued after he was trapped down on the side of a mountain for 5 or 6 days following a car accident.  David Lavau, 67, was riding in the car with one passenger when it went off the road on Lake Hughes Road just north of Castaic.

David Lavau was trapped in his car and survived for days by drinking creek water and eating bugs and leaves.  A search party composed of David Lavau’s friends and family found him on the evening of September 29.  His family acted on tips from police about where he had last used his debit card, and they began searching the surrounding area.  The other passenger was pronounced dead on the scene.

“We got credit cards, we got cell phone [records], we broke into his Facebook,” said his son, Sean Lavau.  “Our 12-year-old, Ashley, broke into the cell phone by a code…So we got to find out all the voice mails.”

David Lavau was rushed to the hospital after the search party discovered him. He suffered a broken collarbone and bruises, but luck was with him – he survived.

“I looked down and saw my dad’s car,” Sean Lavau told reporters.  “My heart dropped.”

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