Are Medical Costs for Bicycle Accident Injuries Increasing?

Road Bike AccidentCycling has been increasing in popularity as the years go by. But as this popularity grows, so, to, do emergency room visits due to crashes and accidents involving motor vehicles. One study from the University of California at San Francisco shows that medical costs for these bicycle accident injuries are skyrocketing.

Over a 17-year period, the study showed that medical costs from bicycle accidents have risen to nearly $800 million annually. The vast majority of that cost goes to the cyclists, who are much more likely to suffer serious or catastrophic injuries in accidents compared to drivers in cars. And these injuries aren’t always simple scrapes, bruises or road rash. They can involve broken bones, traumatic brain injury and even spinal cord injury. Such injuries require expensive care, long stays in the hospital and multiple consultants and surgeons.

How Do I Avoid Injury in a Car-Bike Accident?

To prevent accidents and minimize injuries:

  1. Ensure your bike is appropriately sized.
  2. Always wear a federally-approved helmet. Riders without helmets are 14 times more likely to suffer fatal head injuries.
  3. Follow the rules of the road.
  4. Make yourself visible. Ensure your bike has all legally required visibility aids and wear bright, reflective clothing.
  5. Maintain a safe distance from parked cars.
  6. Avoid listening to music – it can block out audio cues that can help you avoid injury.
  7. Use proper hand signals to communicate your intent to drivers.

If you have been injured in a bicycle accident, speak to a personal injury attorney.