Military Mom Mourns Daughter Killed in Hit-and-Run Accident

Hit-and-run accidents have been on the rise in San Diego, and no one is more vulnerable than pedestrians. Walkers and joggers are completely exposed to the road and passing vehicles, so accidents can cause catastrophic damage.

A San Diego mother returned from Afghanistan hoping to reunite with her 27-year-old daughter. Instead, she received news that her daughter had been found dead in a suspected hit-and-run crash on Ocean Beach just four days after she arrived.

According to reports, the young woman’s body was found in the brush alongside Nimitz Boulevard. During the early morning hours on June 21, investigators determined that her fatal injuries were most likely caused by a car accident.

Police collected debris at the scene in the hopes of determining what vehicle hit the young walker, but the scene contains debris from other collisions. In the absence of a cooperative witness, cops have few clues to begin their investigation.

Now, instead of planning a happy reunion, the military veteran is planning a special ceremony to say goodbye to her daughter. After a local ceremony on July 27, the bereaved mother plans to spread her daughter’s ashes over Panama City Beach, which holds special memories for their family.

Hit-and-run accidents, especially fatal ones, can leave families shattered. The sudden loss can be devastating, but the most frustrating part can be all of the unanswered questions. Who was responsible? Why did the driver refuse to call police? Could my loved one have been saved?

Some victims’ families never learn the answer. Even when the drivers are caught, hit-and-run accidents can carry light sentences in a criminal court. Prison terms are often less than three years, if police cannot prove alcohol or drug involvement.

I Need a Car Accident Attorney in San Diego, CA

In a civil case, offenders are reminded that they are not only responsible to the courts, but to their victims’ family. A wrongful death or personal injury lawsuit can help hold reckless drivers accountable for their behavior, and help address the high cost of an unexpected death or injury.

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[Did You Know: The higher the posted speed limit, the higher the chance that a pedestrian accident ends with a fatality.]

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