Murrieta Police Forced to Shoot “Vicious” Dog

Police in Murrieta earlier this month had to shoot a dog they believed to be a vicious pit bull mix as they were responding to a call from a woman walking her own dog, according to the A woman became fearful that another aggressive dog might incite a dog attack as she walked her female boxer in a neighborhood, so she called police.

Police responded to the call near the Whitewood Road and Alta Murrieta Road intersection.  They discovered the aggressive dog, owned by 25-year-old Justin Armstrong’s girlfriend.  Police had to shoot the dog to prevent a possible dog bite injury. The official breed of the dog was determined to be a Dogo Argentino and not a pit bull, as officers first believed.

After receiving the shot to the head, the dog was able to return to its owner’s house on the 39600 block of Wildflower Road.

Police arrested Armstrong and charged him with possession of marijuana with the intent to distribute after officers discovered processed marijuana and marijuana plants at the residence.

The dog went to its regular veterinary clinic in San Diego, where it survived surgery. Police have not charged the dog’s owner in the attack, but the marijuana charges against Armstrong will probably stick.