What If an Off-Leash Dog Bites You?

Hundegebiss 12, sepiaA San Diego resident was walking her son’s dog near Dove Creek Road and Ranch Parkway recently when an off-leash dog charged towards them. The dog attacked both of them, biting the woman on her arm while she screamed for help.

“I’m yelling help me, somebody help me,” explained the woman. However, the attacking dog’s owner, who was nearby, did nothing to help. “The dog’s owner never called to her dog’s name,” said the victim. She says that the owner took off.

The victim suffered severe bruising and cuts on her arm, but was able to protect her son’s dog from harm. Victims of dog bites are not always so lucky to walk away with cuts and bruises. Dogs can easily cause incredibly serious bodily injury or even kill.

San Diego Dog Leash Laws

San Diego has a strict leash policy regarding dogs that requires owners to keep their dogs restrained anywhere in the city that is not a designated off-leash park.

Owners who believe their dogs do not need to be on leashes are woefully naïve. Even if your dog is “friendly,” you cannot know how it will react in every situation. Also, they cannot know how their dog’s behavior will affect other dogs around them.

Owners that do not obey San Diego leash laws are subject to fines of up to $800. City ordinance also mandates that the leash be no longer than six feet or short enough that the owner can effectively keep control of their dog.

In the event that a dog bites someone, even if they are on a leash, the owner may be held strictly liable for the injuries caused by their dog. Owners may even face criminal charges in some situations. Do everyone a favor, including your dog, and always follow local dog leash laws.