San Diego Teen Struggles After Traumatic Brain Injury

Traumatic brain injuries, depending on the location of impact, can leave victims immobilized and emotionally distraught. The trauma of the accident coupled with the grim recovery to come can be like an illness unto itself. However, dramatic recoveries are still possible and, hopefully, can inspire brain injury victims in the midst of post-accident therapy to keep striving for improvement. For example, a San Diego teen recently danced for a sold out audience at Cathedral Catholic High School; this is nothing unusual except for the fact that one year ago she was the victim of a violent car accident caused by a suspected drunk driver.

The teenager, her mother and two sisters were leaving last year’s annual dance show when a suspected drunk driver going the wrong way on SR-52 collided with them head on. Moments before the impact, the mother asked the teenager to take her legs off the dashboard, a critical decision that preserved her daughter’s ability to dance. The suspected drunk driver died and everyone else was seriously injured. The dancer spent the next 75 days in a hospital, 17 of which were spent in a deep coma. Doctors were unsure if she would be able to dance again with her two broken wrists, fractured pelvis, broken hip and brain injury.

The teen suffered damage to the right side of her brain which has affected her left side mobility. After a year of intensive physical therapy, she is back on the stage for her senior solo. To build a personal injury case, the family took account of all of the physical damage and medical bills. Also, there are certain damages that are difficult to quantify because they are felt and not seen; these are called non-economic damages and include the depression one would feel about a life of never being about to dance or the mother’s anxiety about sharing the road with future drunk drivers.

San Diego Injury Lawyers That Handle Traumatic Brain Injury Cases

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Did You Know: According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, car accidents cause 14 percent of brain injuries.

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