Street Car Race Leads to Fatal Collision

San Diego police are searching for a Mercedes driver who fled the scene after an illegal street race led to a fatal crash. If police find him, the driver could face charges of reckless driving causing injury, vehicular manslaughter and second-degree murder.

On Sunday, September 14, witnesses report that a silver Corvette and a black Mercedes were racing westbound on Sea World Drive when the Corvette lost control and slammed into a tree.

The passenger was rushed to a local hospital with injuries, but the driver died at the scene. The victim has not been identified.

The Mercedes never made contact with the Corvette, but the police are counting the accident as a hit and run, because the driver fled the scene.

Racing on a public street is always extremely dangerous. If drivers are caught, they can face charges of speeding, reckless driving, engaging in a speed competition and other offenses. If their reckless behavior kills someone, however, the charges they face could be a lot more serious.

Definition of Implied Malice

If a driver causes an injury or death while committing a crime, they can be charged with a felony according to California’s definition of “implied malice.” Implied malice is a descriptive term that means an offender’s reckless behavior showed a blatant disregard for public safety.

The Mercedes may have never collided with the Corvette, but the car was a participant in the race that caused the accident. Everyone in a street race is liable for some degree of implied malice, even if they are not involved in the crash.

In a civil case, the defendant’s behavior has an even bigger impact on the verdict. Plaintiffs can support their claim by proving that the driver was acting negligently, rather than committing a crime.

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[Did You Know: A recent study showed that 59 percent of high school boys and 36 percent of high school girls admitted to racing another car in the past year.]

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