Surprise! California Drivers More Courteous Than Most

California drivers sharing the road with cyclistsNo one likes traffic, and that goes double for cyclists. Cyclists face increased risk of injury on the road, and it can be easy to be suspicious of drivers due to this danger. Reckless drivers, even if they don’t actually hit a cyclist, can lead to serious injuries for cyclists due to their erratic behavior. But actually, drivers in California are more courteous than most.

A survey by Kars4Kids found that California was the 17th most polite state on the road, with an overall grade of B. Among California cities, San Francisco ranked fourth most courteous, while San Diego ranked 10th and Los Angeles ranked 15th.

California would have been graded higher, but we do have some of our own less-than-courteous behaviors that we’re not great at. For example, we were the 10th worst state when it comes to stealing people’s parking spaces.

How to Deal with Aggressive Drivers While Cycling

If you ride often enough, chances are you’ve dealt with a couple rude drivers. How should you deal with them in the future?

If you are riding safely, continue what you are doing. But if you are the target of any of the driver’s aggression and there is a possibility you will be the victim of a bicycle accident, get off the road and allow the driver to pass. Make note of the make, model and license plate of the vehicle and any identifying features of the driver and report him or her to the police. Chances are you aren’t the only person who has been the subject of that driver’s aggression, but you can try to make sure you are the last.

Afterwards, think about how you may have contributed to the situation. Were you following traffic laws? Were you visible and predictable? If anything you did may have provoked the driver, remember that and avoid it in the future.