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Could this New Bicycle Helmet Prevent Head Injuries?

Cycling is a great hobby with numerous health benefits, but it also causes a large number of head injuries and concussions. There are many reasons for this problem, but one is that traditional bicycle helmets aren’t cutting it. David Camarillo, a Stanford engineer, is hoping to create a new helmet that keeps riders safe from head injuries. According to Camarillo, today’s helmets do a great job at preventing skull fractures and traumatic brain injuries, but there are misconceptions about the extent that they will protect against concussions. The forceful impact of a crash can cause concussions regardless of whether or not the rider was wearing a helmet. As new studies continue to link concussions with major health issues later in life, the race to find a solution is getting more urgent. Will this New Helmet Prevent Head Injuries? The helmet was originally developed to persuade people to wear helmets more…
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