Vehicle Ripped In Half In Chula Vista Car Accident

The holiday period after Christmas until New Years Eve is a dangerous time to be on the road as there is a much higher risk of sharing the road with a drunk driver. For example, a teenager, believed to be under the influence of alcohol, collided with a light pole which ripped his vehicle in half, according to a report by NBC San Diego.

The 17-year-old was driving east on San Miguel Ranch Road near State Route 125 around 1 a.m. on December 28 in his Honda S2000. The young driver then lost control of his vehicle and crashed into a light pole. The pole collided with the car just behind the seats and bisected the vehicle. The front half of the vehicle went over the edge of the overpass and landed upside down on State Route 125, and the back half remained on San Miguel Ranch Road. Amazingly, the youth survived the terrifying crash. Chula Vista emergency crews arrived on the scene of the accident and escorted the teen to the local trauma center for head injuries.

In an effort to avoid situations like this one, the San Diego bus and trolley services will be running until 2:30 a.m. according to the Metropolitan Transit System (MTS). “We want to encourage everyone who celebrates the New Year in downtown San Diego to allow our bus and trolley operators to be their designated drivers,” said the MTS CEO. “A one-way fare is just $2.50, which is much less expensive than a DUI that will cost thousands, if not more.” Furthermore, the San Diego Police Department will be working with the Gaslamp Quarter Association to expand the G Street taxi stand.

I Was Injured By A Drunk Driver And Need A Lawyer

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[Did You Know: 28 San Diego residents were arrested for suspicion of DUI this Christmas Eve and Day.]

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