What Is Road Rage?

Depending on the details of a road rage accident, the party responsible for the collision can be charged with assault with a deadly weapon or even attempted murder, according to a representative of the California Highway Patrol.

Car accident at nightRoad rage is a phenomenon, common to commuters, in which a driver acts aggressively towards another driver. California has special road rage laws. Those found guilty of road rage-related assaults have their license suspended for six months. Subsequent offenses result in a year’s suspension.

The terrifying thing about a raging motorist is the fact that they are essentially driving around in a deadly weapon. Many drivers underestimate the power of their own vehicles or are too enraged to consider the consequences of aggressive driving.

According to Fox 5 San Diego, two women were involved in a serious car accident on Interstate 8 near College Avenue and Waring Road. Around 4 p.m., a 21 and 33-year-old woman got in an argument between their vehicles. The elder woman, driving a Tacoma pickup truck, pulled alongside the younger, driving a Jetta, and veered into her lane. The Tacoma crashed into the Jetta and both vehicles swerved into the right shoulder.

The younger woman suffered a back injury and the elder sustained minor injuries. Though the collision was recorded as an accident, the crash was recorded by the dash cam of another vehicle, prompting the California Highway Patrol to reexamine the collision as the potential product of road rage. If investigators find that the older motorist swerved to the right with intent to harm, then the case will change considerably.

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[Did You Know: According to the American Safety Council, 37 percent of road rage incidents involve firearms.]

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Source: http://fox5sandiego.com/2014/05/12/possible-road-rage-crash-caught-on-video/#axzz31uNWic1e