Who Is Liable If Two Drivers Are Street Racing?

Racing cars on a public street is always irresponsible, but some drivers are even more reckless by racing in full daylight on busy or otherwise occupied streets. This decision creates an incredibly dangerous environment that could end in a serious or fatal accident, along with long-term legal woes for all involved.

What Does “Implied Malice” Mean For My Case?

In any scenario where a driver intentionally engages in illegal or dangerous activity, he assumes responsibility for the consequences. This idea is called “implied malice,” and it applies to everyone in the race, not just the ones involved in the collision.

Racers are already breaking several laws: speeding, reckless driving, engaging in a speed challenge and other offenses. If their criminal activities lead to a fatal accident, the charges they face afterward will reflect that.

When the dust settles and the smoke clears, street racers could find themselves charged with anything from vehicular manslaughter and reckless driving causing injury to second-degree murder. Everyone involved in the “impromptu street race” can be charged, with varying degrees of liability.

Locally, four people were injured in an Oceanside crash that involved two cars and a motorcycle on May 22. The crash happened at about 7:40 p.m. near State Route 76.

Several people had to be extricated from the wreckage by emergency crews, with injuries ranging from moderate to life-threatening. Several victims had to be airlifted from the scene.

Initial police reports indicated that the collision might have been caused by street racing.

Drivers seeking a cheap thrill by racing through traffic at dangerous speeds deserve the elevated charges they receive, because they are endangering the lives of every motorist on the road for their own entertainment.

If you have been injured by one of these indifferent and irresponsible motorists, do not hesitate to call Bonnici Law Group. Our attorneys have experience holding reckless drivers accountable, and we can help you get the most compensation possible for your injuries.

[Did You Know: In drag racing, 49 people are injured for every 1,000 participants.]

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