Who Is Liable In A Multi-Car Pileup?

Multi-car collisions require complicated legal proceedings because it is difficult to discern who is at fault and who is simply implicated by circumstance. Oftentimes, people injured in a pileup will simply settle with the insurance company of whoever they presume to be responsible for the incident. However, the victim could secure a much larger compensation if they worked with an experienced injury attorney who is willing to take the matter to court.

For example, there was recently a horrific multi-car pileup on Interstate 8 in San Diego that resulted in the death of one 20-year-old marine, according to NBC San Diego. On Saturday, February 22 a woman driving a Honda Civic westbound was approaching the Interstate 8 exit for State Route 163 in Mission Valley when she lost control of her car. The Honda swerved into a barrier, bounced back into the road and came to a halt mid-freeway. Then, three other automobiles crashed into the Honda.

Two marines in a Ford truck that hit the Honda exited their car to attend to injured victims. The good Samaritans, who were headed to the Marine Corps Recruit Depot, ran over to the Honda to try to extricate the woman inside. Unfortunately, the Honda was in the path of an oncoming car. One of the marines jumped out of the path of the car, over the side of the freeway and landed in a bush 20 feet below. The California Highway Patrol is still unsure how the other marine also landed below the interstate, but sources believe that he was hit by the oncoming car and launched off the edge.

Emergency crews arrived and transported two other victims to the Nearby Scripps Mercy Hospital in Hillcrest. In addition, two young children in another implicated automobile were escorted to Rady Children’s Hospital for treatment.

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[Did You Know: According to the Department of Transportation, 40 percent of crashes involve multiple vehicles, nationally.]

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