101-Year-Old Driver Hits 11 Pedestrians

An elderly Los Angeles man backed his car into a sidewalk and struck nine children and two adults in August, according to the Los Angeles Times. The driver, 101-year-old Preston Carter, struck the children as they were getting out of school. Carter turned 101 on September 1.

The children, some as young as 14 months, were treated at a nearby hospital and listed in stable condition by that evening.

The accident remains under investigation. Drugs or alcohol were not a factor. Los Angeles Police Department officials believe Carter may have mistaken the accelerator for the brake pedal. Carter told witnesses on the scene that his brakes failed.

“It was a miscalculation on his part,” said Captain Jorge Rodriguez of the Los Angeles Police Department. “He thought he was turning onto the street.”

This recent incident sparked debate about the elderly and driving privileges. In California, once drivers turn 70, they are required to pass a written test as well as a vision test every 5 years. Do you think that is enough to keep to keep pedestrians and motorists safe, or should elderly drivers be tested more frequently?

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