One Injured in Shelter Island Boat Fire

An explosion on a boat at Shelter Island off the coast of San Diego sent one man to the hospital with severe burns to his hands, face and legs, according to sources. San Diego police received calls of an explosion and fire on a boat at approximately 6 a.m. on September 15.

According to police reports, the 32-year-old man was backing the boat down a ramp and into the water when the small explosion occurred. Investigators suspect that the explosion was the result of fuel fumes ignited after a battery switch was turned on. A gasoline can was recovered near the boat, which possibly fueled the small fire.

The majority of marina fires start on an individual boat and spread. It is fortunate this fire was quickly contained and extinguished before anyone else was hurt. Boat owners must take steps to prevent fires by having boat cords and fuel systems inspected by professionals. Always be prepared and have life jackets and fire extinguishers onboard your watercraft. Install smoke alarms on your boat if they are not already onboard, and have a clear and concise escape plan for passengers in the event of a fire. Quickly dispose of old rags or flammable materials on your boat when you are done with them.

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