3 Tips to Overcoming Fear After a Bicycle Accident

Road Bike AccidentIt can be hard to get back up on the horse, or the bike in this case, after a bicycle accident, but it isn’t impossible. Bicycle accidents often cause very serious personal injury, and can even result in post-traumatic stress disorder. But none of that changes the fact that riding a bike is healthy, fiscally beneficial, and just downright fun.

We did a little research to find out what worked for other people in their journey to overcome their fears of being in another bike crash. This is what we found.

3 Tips from People Who Have Started Riding Again After a Bicycle Accident

  1. Run the Numbers – That fear you have in the back of your mind now is essentially a form of PTSD. It’s natural that your survival instinct would kick into overdrive after a bad accident, or even a really close call. One tip we hear often helps, is to start thinking about all the times that you’ve gone for a ride without any incidents. How many times has that happened compared to the number of times you went out and crashed?
  2. Zoom In – According to many in the medical community, and confirmed by bicycle accident victims, it’s easy to lose your sense of self-awareness when you try to start riding again. It can feel overwhelming at first, which makes you all the more anxious. Try focusing your thoughts on each individual motion. Think about how the pedals will move. Think about where you place your weight as you ride. Think about your breathing. Essentially, think about what you are doing, instead of what perceived horrors may
  3. Be Like Elsa – Let it go. Let it go. Rather than dwelling on things that you can’t control, such as motorists on the road, work on what you can control. As impossible as it seems, you will feel so much better if you learn to surrender control of things that are out of your hands. Being afraid of every potentially dangerous scenario is no way to live.

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