Are Pit Bull Bans a Viable Option for San Diego?

There has been a disturbing trend of pit bull attacks in San Diego area apartment complexes over the last several weeks. The latest reported incident occurred on August 2, when two pit bull mixes attacked a 30-year-old pregnant woman in a fenced-in area of the complex. A 7-year-old boy had released the dogs to go to the bathroom. The woman fortunately only sustained one minor bite wound and was treated at a nearby hospital.

“One of the 3-year-old dogs ran at her and knocked her flat on her stomach, and bit her right hand,” said San Diego Police Officer Scott Brengi. “She was screaming, her husband came out and got her inside, and the owner got control of the dogs.”

This attack, along with other similar incidents, has raised the debate over whether pit bull breeds should be banned, especially in urban areas. Many pundits claim that the responsibility lies with the dog owner, rather than the animals themselves.

There is currently proposed legislation in Baltimore to ban pit bulls. Legislators are divided on the issue, as is the public. The Maryland Court of Appeals ruled in 2012 that pit bulls are an inherently dangerous breed, different from other dogs.

“It’s very general legislation,” said Maryland Pit Bull Committee Delegate Kurt Anderson. “I think the more specific stuff will probably go in the regular session. Right now, it’s kind of unsettled for landlords, tenants, people who live in apartment buildings. We want to at least settle that part of it and deal with the dangerous dog issues later.”

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