Was My Bicycle Accident My Fault?

Who is liable in a bicycle accident?A bicycle accident can very often result in serious injuries, most commonly for the riders. That’s why it is imperative that both the cyclist and the drivers do their best to ensure the safety of everyone on the road.

In the past, we’ve discussed the possible outcomes if you are in a bicycle accident caused by a motorist, but today we’ll discuss different scenarios in which you may think that you were the cause of a car accident or damages.

What If I Crash My Bike into a Parked Car?

Crashing your bike into a parked car is usually pretty simple. A legally parked car means the owner cannot be held liable for damages due to the crash. However, what if the car is parked illegally? In a bike lane, for example?

California law is a little confusing on matters of parking in a bike lane. One statute says that it is illegal only if there is a “No Parking” sign, but another says that a motorist may park in a bike lane only if they have a good reason and cyclists can still reasonably get around the car.

Unfortunately, that leaves everyone a bit confused since they contradict each other. Most cyclists that hit a parked car in the bike lane will have some difficulty proving fault, but so will a motorist.

What If I Crash into a Moving Car?

First, make sure you seek medical attention if you need it. Second, if the bicycle accident was your fault, then you may be on the hook for any damages, including your own. For example, since cyclists are required by law to follow the same rules of the road as motorists, rolling through a stop sign and hitting a car in an intersection might make you liable.

Failing to abide by the traffic laws as a cyclist will make you just as liable as a driver who does not follow rules and causes injury or damage. Always be sure that you are in full compliance with all California cycling laws.

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