How Do I Check for Serious Injury After a Bike Accident?

Road Bike AccidentBicycle accidents can cause serious injuries, which should be treated immediately. The first thing you should do after a bike accident is to check yourself for injury, and call for an ambulance if you or anyone else involved in the accident needs one.

We learned from a professional sports doctor exactly how you should go about checking yourself for serious injuries after a bicycle accident. This is what he said:

  • Start from the Top – The first thing you should check is your head. Head and brain injuries are extremely common in bike accidents, even when you wear a helmet. If you cannot remember falling to the ground, or if you lost consciousness even for a moment, it could be a sign of brain injury.
  • Check the Neck – Next, you want to make sure you didn’t sustain a serious neck injury. Very slowly turn your head, checking for pain in your neck or spine. If you feel any discomfort, stop immediately. It may indicate that you hurt your neck in the accident.
  • Chest Is Next – Moving further down, you’ll need to check for chest pain. Take a deep breath; if you feel any pain, you could have a broken rib, or a more serious injury such as a punctured or collapsed lung.
  • Gut Feeling – Lastly, put some pressure on you stomach and gut area. Any discomfort may point to internal bleeding or a ruptured liver or spleen, any of which could be fatal without treatment.

After checking for the serious injuries, you can check for more minor ones such as road rash, broken bones, and bruises.

San Diego bicycle accident attorney Bonnici Law Group is an avid cyclist himself, and regularly rides his own bike to work. He understands what kinds of dangers cyclists face every day, as well as what is lost in a bike accident.