Are Hit and Run Bicycle Accidents on the Rise?

Road Bike AccidentThree different fatal bike accidents occurred within 24 hours in San Francisco, leaving many frightened that they may be on the rise. Two of the three crashes were reportedly hit and run bicycle accidents.

How Did the Bicycle Accidents Happen?

Police have released a mug shot of the man they think was driving in the first of the fatal accidents. After hitting the cyclist, a witness reportedly followed the hit and run driver until he exited his car. That’s when the witness detained him until police could arrive.

The driver in the second accident has not yet been found. According to witnesses, the driver was trying to pass slower moving traffic when he or she struck the cyclist head-on. The driver then sped away. Police say they found the car abandoned a mile from the accident. It was reported stolen.

Then, in Pleasanton, another cyclist was killed when a motorist traveling east hit a rider headed south at an intersection. According to police, the driver in the third accident has been cooperative.

There is no evidence that hit and run bicycle accidents are becoming more common, but that will offer little comfort to the families of the recent victims. Even if bicycle accidents aren’t occurring more often, they do seem to be worse when they happen. It’s unfortunate that so many people are killed in bicycle accidents, but the worst part is that we know that we can do better.

Officials say that they are planning to redesign the streets of San Francisco and the surrounding cities to be safer. More education and safety programs are needed to prevent further tragedy from happening. Almost all of the bicycle accidents that occur today could have been prevented.

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