What Goes Through Every Rider’s Mind During a Bike Accident?

iStock_000006088567_LargeIf you’ve never been in a bicycle accident, we pray that you never will. However, according to numerous studies, you’re bound to take a tumble at some point. If it does happen, the things likely to go through your head will be just the same as everyone else during and after a bike accident.

  • “Oh no, this can’t be happening to me!” – The very first thing thought you have will be denial. You think, “Nope. This isn’t real.” Well, sorry, but it is.
  • “Okay. It happened, but I’m totally fine.” – You may try to hop up really fast after the accident, subconsciously thinking that if you can just get up and move around that it means you’re not injured at all. We hope you’re right, but get checked out even if you think you’re okay. Crashes can cause internal injuries and shifts that you may not notice.
  • “Maybe I’m not fine…” – When the adrenaline wears off, you’ll start to feel the crash. Hopefully it’s nothing more than soreness and bruises. If it’s more serious, you may have to park the bicycle for a little while.
  • “This is the worst thing that’s ever happened to me.” – The recovery process is often the hardest part about a bike accident. Your mental health can suffer just as much as your physical self, which may lead to depression and poor self-esteem.
  • “Feeling better every day!” – After some time, you’ll begin to feel better, and more confident. With some support and some rest time, you should be able to bounce back and start riding again.

I like to be optimistic, but that old saying “time heals all wounds” is close, but not quite right. It should say, “time heals most wounds.” Bike accidents can cause a lot of damage, and can affect your life for many years, maybe even the rest of your life. However, it’s important that you always stay positive.

San Diego bicycle accident attorney Bonnici Law Group is an avid cyclist himself, and regularly rides his bike to the office. He understands the damage that can be done in a bicycle accident and is proud to help his fellow riders recover following an injury.

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